Tree Gnome Village Quest, Slayer Improvements & More DevBlog #41

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First off, we would like to address server longevity. With the players and staff's amazing support this server will continue to thrive, due to this we have been able to fund another year's server costs with many more years to look forward to. Thanks to everyone for their support and let's get into the update!

Tree Gnome Village

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The gnomes of Tree Gnome Village are fighting for their lives on the battlefield of Khazard from having their beautiful village destroyed. Will you help the gnomes on the battlefield with their defences, turning the tide of the battle to go on the offensive and retrieving their precious stolen orbs? Lower combat level players should be wary of the strong Khazard Commander

After helping the gnomes recover the orbs of protection, King Bolren will grant you the ability to use their unique transportation system, Spirit Trees! There are currently 3 Spirit Tree locations in MineScape, with the ability for players to plant their own at 83 farming and construct one in their POH at level 75 construction. Current locations are:

  • Tree Gnome Village
  • Battlefield of Khazard
  • Grand Exchange
  • Tree gnome village was voted for by the community in the discord server poll channel, so be sure to keep an eye out on the polls channel to cast your vote on the next one!

    Slayer Updates

    Want to block that slayer task that's always annoying to complete? With the maximum quest points reaching over 50, we are now introducing the ability to block slayer tasks! After receiving a task from a Slayer Master you can block a task in future from the new and improved Slayer tasks menu.

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    The tasks menu has drastically improved the legibility of your current assignment, reward points, stored tasks and blocked tasks. As more quests are added to the game, increasing the maximum quest points, the remaining slots up to slot 6 will automatically unlock.

    Costing 30 slayer points from the slayer tasks menu, players will now have the the ability to store their current slayer task to complete it at a later time. This combined with blocking tasks is great for allowing players greater choice towards their current task.

    Even more slayer improvements?! When getting a new task from a slayer master whilst wearing the slayer skillcape, you have a 10% chance for your previous slayer task to be reassigned. Slayer unlocks have received their correct toggle options, unlock icons by Regorty and improved display lore.

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    Alongside the new transportation method of the spirit trees from this quest release, you can now traverse the world quicker with the grouping teleport! From getting a new task from Turael to doing barrows runs the following locations are sure to be useful to many players.

  • Burthorpe Games Room
  • Fishing Trawler
  • Nightmare Zone
  • Shades of Mortton
  • Making trips to the Abyss safer from other players trying to steal your precious essence, the Abyssal bracelet functionality has been implemented. Whilst having the bracelet equipped players will not be skull entering the Abyss. Suggested by: Meness6

    Following equipment rebalance in OSRS during 2021, all d'hide armours have had their equipment stats adjusted to match OSRS, additionally elemental staves getting a slight magic buff. Suggested by: chancey boy

    Did someone say pretty fires? Firelighters are now usable on normal logs to create red, green, blue, purple and white logs respectively. Lighting these logs with your firey tinderbox will produce flames of colors for all to enjoy.

    With the server update to 1.18.2 end of last year adding custom model data, our amazing modelling team can add more custom items into the resource pack than ever before. To kick this off we have added icons to many of the noted items currently in-game, some icons may still be missing so we ask that report them in the discord so we can fix them pronto.


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    Players are credited with fixes/suggestions, with a reward of up to 50 platinum tokens <3

    • Add Regen Bracelet increased hitpoints regen amount(2)
    • Add hitpoint skillcape increased heal amount(2) perk - chancey boy
    • Add rapid heal prayer increased increased regen rate(30s)
    • Add cross-world friend level-up notifications - Effigyluza
    • Add mossy & giant key stacking - chancey boy
    • Add wilderness exit to Entrana dungeon - boredompwndu
    • Add interaction info to Coal Bag item lore - chancey boy
    • Add Ring of Wealth coins auto pickup - chancey boy
    • Add defensive casting to staves
    • Add loom functionality - Meness6
    • Add onion world model - EnderSven
    • Fix adamant kiteshield color to match armour - Ant0n
    • Fix creating Garden Pie - Meness6
    • Fix players online not always syncing across worlds
    • Fix discord loot announcer to have correct drop rate
    • Fix Pot of Flour on Tutorial Island - Zygeno
    • Fix Cooks Assistant quest complete message - KebinTea
    • Fix modeling badge hover information - LunarOptics
    • Fix Herb Sack item lore coloring
    • Fix seeing non-game world players on the world map
    • Fix some agility displays & requirements - LunarOptics & boredompwndu
    • Fix Aberrant Spectre's lowering agility - chancey boy & meness6
    • Fix Thieving stall rates to match OSRS - RubyKitsune
    • Fix logging out on some blocks, carpets etc - chancey boy
    • Fix multiple projectiles from ranged mobs - boredompwndu
    • Fix Karil not lowering agility when special hitting
    • Fix Giant Mole now no longer burrows under 10hp
    • Fix Agility rooftop courses not rolling the Agility pet drop
    • Fix clicking on inventory items interfering with player actions - Effigyluza
    • Fix votepool activation delay (double exp) - chanceyboy
    • Fix item examine lore being too long for the screen - meness
    • Fix studded chaps trimmed from not showing - prospector percy


    Other staff contributions to the update <3

    • Tree Gnome Village quest dialogue - Regorty
    • Grouping inventory icons - Regorty
    • Slayer Task Icons - Regorty
    • Construction superior teleport hotpot/spirit tree/fairy ring models - Regorty
    • Onion block model - EnderSven
    • Testing update changes in the test world - Ruby, SecretCowLVL, Regorty, Zygeno
    • Confirming construction spirit tree interactions - Ruby