DevBlog #40 Monk's Friend Quest, Dailies & More

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Welcome back to another MineScape update! As promised we can deliver a smaller but still exciting update for everyone to enjoy.

A huge thanks to the wonderful community and the MineScape team for being active in reporting issues/bugs, many of the reported issues have been able to be resolved quickly since the last update. Where possible we credit the user who reported the issue as you may have noticed in our recent posts.

Monk's Friend Quest

Embark on a whimsical journey with the monks of the Ardougne Monastery in the MineScape latest quest! Brother Omad, the resident sleepy monk, kicks things off by sending you on a mission to recover his cherished child's blanket. But there's a twist – it's hidden in a secret cave guarded by level 14 thieves and a level 26 Head Thief. It's a blanket rescue operation that rivals any heist movie, monk-style!

Navigate your way through the perfect circle of grey stones west of the monastery, face off with the mischievous thieves, and snatch that blanket. Return it to Brother Omad, who can finally catch some much-needed Zs. But the real fun begins when Brother Cedric, lost and drunk south of Ardougne Zoo, needs your help to sober up. Get him a jug of water (not from the well next to him, mind you) and then assist in some carpentry work to fix his cart.

With both monks back at the monastery, it's time for the ultimate celebration! Brother Omad throws a party that rivals the best in RuneScape history. Think monks grooving to medieval tunes, sipping on holy water, and busting out their best moves. Quest rewards include 1 quest point, 2,000 Woodcutting experience, 8 Law runes, and a VIP invitation to all future monk bashes. So, sharpen that axe, grab your party hat, and join the monks for a legendary celebration in Ardougne!

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Daily Rewards

The team has been looking to make improvements to the daily rewards system, and we are looking for feedback! We recently launched a 'community' channel in the discord where the team can post ideas for community feedback. Our first two posts are around improvements to the daily rewards and quests, so please go check out the posts and provide us with your valuable feedback <3.

Included in this update is an improvement to the reset time of the '/daily' rewards, both free and members rewards will reset at midnight UTC. This change will also soon apply to the daily quest once we have gathered feedback from the community for improvements.

Reset times in relevant timezones:

  • 12:00 AM UTC
  • 6:00 PM CST
  • 4:00 PM PST
  • 7:00 PM EST
  • 1:00 AM CET

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Alongside this platinum token rewards for all bugs reported in the discord have been awarded, with the help of our newest custom discord bot! We have posted the code over on our GitHub if you wish to see the inner workings or make suggestions for extra features we can provide in the discord:

With the OSRS Forestry update, there were many great changes that MineScape wishes to implement, one we can do easily is to adjust the tree respawn times to be the same fixed time depending on the tree. Other aspects such as group cutting bonuses and chopping down mechanics are also being looked at as mechanics to come in future updates.

For improvements to chat and online visibility, we have implemented cross-world chat between the hub (and now creative) servers, allowing you to never miss a conversation & reply to players.

The Creative Server is back once again, having issues updating the world to 1.18, the team have decided to reset all plots alongside increasing each player's plot build size! So head on over and do '/plot auto', If you had something special on your old plot, we have backed up the files and can provide a world edit schematic if necessary.

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  • Improved NPC movement - boredompwndu
  • Fix resourcepack for 1.20.2+ - BashfulNuke
  • Fix animated armor spawning - woodcutsensa
  • Fix Port Khazard ore patches - The_Ironman_Life
  • Fix creating Garden Pies - Meness6
  • Fix experience progress bars being 110% - Zero_DotV
  • Fix dragonfruit farming protections - boredompwndu
  • Remove null players on the leaderboard - boredompwndu