DevBlog #36 Brimhaven, Metal Dragons, Agility Shortcuts, Oh My!

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With August already here, things have been heating up over in Brimhaven with our researchers having accidentally set loose metal dragons in the depths of Brimhaven Dungeon. Grab your Antidragon shields and chug your Anti-fire potions for this fiery update.


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Get ready to explore the pirate town of Brimhaven and venture into the depths of Brimhaven Dungeon. The town of Brimhaven introduces several new additions to the game, including a new fruit tree patch, travel ships to and from Brimhaven, a lively bar to relax with a glass of grog, and a restaurant selling the local delicacy of Karambwan. Delicious!

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Once you've had a good ole time in the pub, you can make your way just southwest of the house portal to find the local tribesman, Saniboch. Speaking with him will grant you the opportunity to access the Brimhaven Dungeon. He has two different payment methods to enter through the dungeon door, one-time temporary access costing 875 coins, and a one-off fee of 1 million coins to unlock the door permanently.

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Be sure to bring your dragon axe, sorry your axe to access the dragons. Just inside the dungeon entrance, vines cover the way forward, requiring 10 woodcutting to chop down. Vines deeper in the dungeon require 34 woodcutting to gain further access to the dragons deep within. Various shortcuts have also been implemented inside of the dungeon, providing additional ways to access mob areas.

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Take up your arms and get ready to face the heat from old and new dragons alike. All dragons in the game now have their deadly Fire Breath attacks, be sure to bring equipment and potions to protect yourself from not getting burnt to a crisp!

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With Brimhaven Dungeon now in with the slayer only task area included, it now opens up the option of fighting Bronze, Iron, and Steel dragons, which you can now also get as a task from Chaeldar, and bronze dragon tasks from Vannaka. In particular, the newly added red dragons allow players to now craft the red dragonhide equipment with the required Fletching and Crafting levels.

The Antidragon Shield will now help reduce the damage from dragon fire breath attacks and require 32 Quest Points to equip in your off-hand slot. To fully guarantee protection against dragonfire, players can consume antifire potions while having the shield equipped.

The Draconic Visage is now added to the following loot tables with a 1 in 10,000 droprate:

  • Black Dragons
  • Iron Dragons
  • Steel Dragons

Combine the Draconic Visage with the Antidragon Shield at an anvil to make the Dragon Fire Shield, provided you have the 90 smithing to do so. The Dragon Fire Shield has superior defensive and offensive capabilities with the same absorbing effect as the Antidragon shield, boasting an impressive +7 melee strength bonus. Can you also be the first to find the coveted Dragon Platelegs and Dragon Plateskirt?

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Our last update saw the release of Agility Rooftops, and plenty of people have been jumping and balancing their way across the various rooftop courses. With this most recent update, you can now jump, climb, and squeeze through various shortcuts in Gielinor!

Whilst practicing agility, you might even come across a furry friend doing rooftops, with the Agility pet squirrel being included. What will come first, the squirrel pet or 99 Agility?

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Reel in a big one with the new fishing spots rework. All fishing spots now rotate to different spots while also lasting longer, anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes to match Old School Runescape. The Fishing Cape will now also teleport you right outside of the Fishing Guild.

Previously the fishing spots were static and would deplete at random, on our dedicated mission to fix any mechanics as the server heads toward release, this was a good place to start and more are to come.

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Grand Exchange

Ever have a hard time visualizing your Grand Exchange offer? Well struggle no longer, the interface has been updated to include the amount, price, and total price directly in the interface. The guide price has also been placed on the bottom right-hand corner of existing orders, so you can quickly decide whether to leave an order in or cancel and change.

More QOL changes are to come to interfaces, so be sure to suggest them on the roadmap!

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Pilfer more pockets with the pickpocketing rework that comes with this update. Pickpocket tables have been corrected which means NPC's should give the proper loot when thieving them. For example, you can now get potato seeds from regular farmers which previously they did not. Paladins were a big one as well, now they should give both 2 chaos runes and 80 gp.

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Heroes have now also been added to the list of thievable NPC's that you can find around the market of Ardougne. Their pockets are full of goodies such as death runes, blood runes, fire orbs, diamonds, gold ore, and even wine! They really shouldn't drink on the job.


The silver jewellery brought in from the last update is now enchantable. Opal jewellery is enchantable via Level 1 Enchant spell and Jade jewellery via Level 2 Enchant, requiring level 7 and 27 magic for both spells respectively.

The following jewellery is enchantable:

  • Dodgy necklace (Opal necklace)
  • Necklace of passage (Jade necklace)
  • Amulet of bounty (Opal amulet)
  • Amulet of chemistry (Jade amulet)
  • Expeditious bracelet (Opal bracelet)
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A lot of great content is in the works, and the team is making great progress. Dablakbandit has made great progress on the witch's house quest. Whilst the builders have been making great progress on roadmap areas, alongside the modelers for soon to come updates.

The team wanted to showcase some of the content, so here is a sneak peek at a few areas:

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Skillpacks were disabled as of the start of this month, having been replaced with event points. Coming in the next update will be a votepool for shooting stars using the event points, with other events to additionally be implemented, so stay tuned.


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  • Add Wilderness battle runes shop
  • Add Barrows item sets
  • Add additional cookable items
  • Add open item packs in inventory
  • Add ability to disable emotes
  • Add shift + right click to farming tool store
  • Add deny messages for invalid teleports
  • Add distance to red direction arrow
  • Fix compost bucketing not giving experience
  • Fix Magic strength bonus
  • Fix Smithing cape coal bag perk amount
  • Fix expert mining gloves
  • Fix Aberrant Spectre herb rolls
  • Fix Amulet of Fury equipment requirements
  • Fix aggression on Draynor jail guards
  • Fix aggression on McGrubor's Woods guard dogs
  • Fix mob respawn timers
  • Fix some mobs missing slayer types
  • Fix mob boss kill timer when repeated
  • Fix items not being tradeable
  • Fix silver crafting not being repeatable
  • Fix selected item glowing when inventory closed
  • Remove wilderness logout message
  • Remove skill packs