Devblog #23: Herblore, Quests, Transmogs & More

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With an amazing effort from the modellers, all the herblore items have been added into the game! Also a big thanks to everyone using the roadmap suggestions to keep us on our feet with new ideas. Now on with the update.


The big news in this update is the new skill, Herblore! Long awaited, Herblore introduces many items, herbs dropped from mobs, unfinished potions to be made from said herbs, items to be ground up using the pestle and mortar, to completed potions giving combat & skilling stat bonuses.

To start Herblore you must first complete Druidic Ritual, which can be initated by speaking with Kaqemeex by the Stone circle in the latest map expansion region of Taverley.

Many additional items have been added, along with information about them, potions will say if they are currently implemented or not by hovering over them. Jatix found in Taverley, runs the Herblore shop, selling you the some of the items required to start the skill.

Potions & Drinks now also make a nice drinking sound when consumed.

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Quest Of Love

With Quests getting easier to make due to the many tools developed by the team. I also decided to code in another quest for this update.

Romeo found in Varrock square seems to be missing his beloved Juliet, maybe you can help him find her? I wonder the outcome from this tale of love.

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Transmogs are back and working better then ever before! No longer shall you have to compromise fashion for combat stats, do /transmog ingame and customize your look.

Costing 50k to enable, and don't consume the item, once equiped, your equipment will be overlayed with the beautiful transmog.

Transmogs are disabled in the wilderness, so you don't have to fear that your opponent isn't wearing what they seem.

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Tea Thieving Stall

In amongst the added herblore items added are many a cup of tea. Which brings us to the newly added, and much requested, tea thieving stall added in varrock!

A newly added prompt to theiving was also added, which lets you know when the action has completed.

Now you may sit back, relax, and right click thieve your way to a spiffing tea empire!

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Implemented part way through the past week, was the ability to change your ingame time. Using the command /time [0-24000] you are able to change the time to suit you! Default time is /time 1200

You may also have the time change, by doing /time modify [-20|20] the world will slowly (or quickly) change time in the direction specified. This has been showcased in a video of Sea Shanty 2 at Port Sarim.


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Other Changes Since Last Update

  • Fixed prayer drain rate
  • Fixed many mob drops
  • Added mob level to /mobs
  • Added targeting variable
  • Changed target variable
  • Added hidden flags for quest npcs
  • Added settings for dialogue 1-9
  • Added fishing holograms
  • Added water fillables & sources
  • Added teleport sounds
  • Added item break sounds
  • Added worldtime
  • Added swamp tar spawns
  • Added red spider eggs spawns