Devblog #22: Taverley & Burthorpe, High Level Dungeon & More

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With an excellent job done by the builders & modellers, we are ready to release the latest Map Expansion! The screenshots below are unable to showcase how amazing the place looks, so make sure to go check it out for yourselves!

Taverley & Burthorpe

Opening up the first area outside the free to play map, Taverley & Burthorpe brings along with it the possiblity of much more content. From quests, guilds, to a new skill! It also provides a pathway to build even more west.

The crystal chest can be found in Taverley and opening it might reward you with great treasures! Rumoured to contain a priceless purple gem, it seems to require a key. I wonder where you can find one...

After spending sometime camped outside of Falador; Turael now finally is home.

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Explore two new dungeons with this update.

Down the winding caves of Taverley Dungeon, filled with terrifying beasts that will cause your heart skip a beat. Don't get lost down here, as those moments may just be your last. Deep in the caves, a group seems to have set up a base, I wonder what they could be doing.

Heroes Guild Dungeon, brings with it more runite rocks for you all to mine, along with a strange fountain. I wonder what purpose this fountain has...

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Looking forward

The roadmap suggestions was recently accounced, but the official minescape roadmap has now also been posted! Updates are bi-weekly, the roadmap will be updated each major release to reflect the next direction we will be going. Post suggestions and check it out at

Another thing that has got us very excited! The team was gifted two Oldschool RuneScape accounts, that both have low quest points. Meaning we will be able to start work on the Members Quests in the areas being soon released!

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Ironman & Store Sale

Ironman mode has now been taken off the store! Every new character will now be able to participate in the mode by talking to Paul on Tutorial Island. Glitched chests have also been added to the platinum tokens rewards.

The store is now currently 30% off! Along with new creator pet has been added to the store, the Hellhound! This one made by EnderSven, these pets are limited edition and won't be available again, remember 50% of the proceeds go back to the creators(regardless of the sale).

Purchase it over at

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Teleport Tablets

Teleport tablets have been long awaited, providing a 1 slot teleport action. They can be used to quickly escape from a dangerous battle, or by users who are too low magic level for the spell.

You can find the lectern on the 2nd floor of the biggest house in Rimmington, this will remain here untill the release of Construction.

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Falador Massacre

An event is also on over the weekend! Falador massacre has been enabled! Players can join by doing /participate, something strange seems to drop to the ground when another player is killed...

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Cross server votepool

Another long requested addition was having the votepool being crossworld, this will now be available after the double exp weekend! Pool your votes with others to activate double exp!


The giveaway has ended, keep a close eye on the socials for the next event! Winners will recieve an email and prizes soon! Not everyone is known, will keep the names updated, but here are some of the winners:

  • Splashyy0_o
  • Busy_GamerRS
  • ShadXn
  • Mr_Zylr
  • Haigen
  • loiloiloi6

Make sure to also take part in the build competition!

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Other Changes Since Last Update

  • Added scoreboard _target_ to track xp untill a target
  • Added scoreboard _level_ to track xp untill a level
  • Added games neckland teleport
  • Added dragonstone crafting & enchanting
  • Added /companion(s) & /pet(s)
  • Added /emotes
  • Added /loot roll
  • Added /roadmap
  • Added /titles
  • Added Burthorpe General Store
  • Fixed some drop tables only dropping 1 item
  • Fixed block click detections for custom blocks
  • Fixed chickens dealing damage
  • Fixed name for helpers
  • Fixed emote color ingame