Minigame Build Competition

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Welcome to MineScapes first Build Competition with $200 up for grabs!


I have been developing server plugins for many years now and have created many things for various projects I have worked on. One of these things was a minigame for a build teams server around 5 years ago. They were amazing builders and the maps were just fantastic to play on.

The minigame was called Sprinters, is easy to pickup and most important, fun to play.

  • The goal of the game is to reach the end zone as fast as you can, with obstacles along the way.
  • You are set to a speed of 6 by default, causing you to run almost uncontrollably fast.
  • Yellow Wool: Gives you a short speed boost.
  • Red Wool: Gives you a short jump boost, usually to get to another platform.
  • Purple Wool: Slows you down for a few seconds, allowing others to catchup.
  • Black Wool: Blinding you, as so you can't see the way forward.
  • Green Wool: Sets a checkpoint, if you fall it will reset you to this location.

Thinking it would be a great addition to the server I set myself the goal of remaking the entire plugin in 1 day, and well here we are.


I know we have amazing builders in the community, so I saw this as a oppurtunity for everyone to contribute.

To join the competition all you have to do is build a sprinters map of any sort. It can showcase off parts of the server, or it can be anything you can imagine. Maps can be orientated around jumping pads, racing, dodging/weaving or a combination of them all.

We are in need of a range of maps and all are welcome to enter the giveaway. Maps of all sizes from large to small, and different difficulties. The minigame will have timed highscores and personal best times, so they will be very competitive!

All complete entries will recieve 20 chests in-game along with the following:

  • 1st Place: $100
  • 2nd Place: $40
  • 3rd Place: $30
  • 4th Place: $20
  • 5th Place: $10

Competition end date is 30th June, good luck to all builders and have fun! Can't wait to see the maps. Builds will look best with the resourcepack found at

Builds must be done in 1.13.2 or earlier for compatability reasons. Once complete submit your map here:

Creative Server

If you need a place to create the map, you may join the creative server on, we have just enabled WorldEdit on the plotworld. To get a large plot do /world big, and then /plot auto


You can join an example map on the server, after joining the hub do /server minigames. You can also view the map being played in a video made by P3an3t:

Also view maps done by the build team to also gain some inspiration, skip to around 3 minutes

Source Code:

If you are interested in minigame project source code you can view it over at It will eventually be split into multiple projects, with the idea of supporting multiple minigames on the same server.


Don't forget to also join the MineScape Giveaway!

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