DevBlog #20 - Ironman Mode, Dungeons & Glitched Chests

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Brilliant work has been done to get this update out to everyone, the team has been working hard and you get the see the results!

Areas Released

The frosty Asgarnian Ice Dungeon has been completed in the southern point of Port Sarim. Beware of the icy monsters that guard this underground cavern, they will fiercly attack with their frozen weapons, attempting to lead you into a chilly death. A scarf cosmetic might keep you warm.

Due to this areas release, you will now be able to complete The Knights Sword quest, by mining Blurite in the dungeon.

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Be cautious in the new Edgeville Dungeon, demons lurk deep in the northern caves, beasts never been seen in this realm.

Replacing the old dungeons is one that is now more accurate, and contains all the correct mobs in place. This area does lead into the wilderness so make sure you keep your eye out for other players.

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New Mobs

Crawling these new areas are many new mobs, from Thugs, Chaos Druids, Muggers, Pirates, Earth Warriors to Hobgoblins, Ice Warriors & Ice Giants. Lastly but definitely not least the deadly Black Demons.

The modelers have creating detailed mobs for you all to enjoy. These will drop many new items which have also been added, you can check these all out in /mobs.

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Ironman Mode & Character Slots

Behind the scenes I had been working on implementing Ironman Mode for a while, and finally it is here! Albeit a WIP.

It is designed to have the same restrictions as OSRS and will have leaderboards hopefully soon. You can change your Ironman Status before leaving Tutorial Island by talking to Paul. Whilst it is a WIP it will be available from the store here:

After everything for Ironman Mode has been completed it will revert to like everything else we want in the game, to be free.

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Glitched Chest

There seems to be something different about this chest... I just can't put my finger on it...

The glitched chest introduces many a new cosmetic for you to enjoy opening, from new Hats, Pets, Titles, Gravestones to the newly introduced Emotes. Some of these Pets are sure to be Legendary openings, I wonder who will be the first to obtain them all?

Emotes replace words in chat with the image counterpart. Kappa Kappa Kappa

The new chests can be purchased with a 30% store wide discount also for the next 2 days!

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Bank Merging

A highly requested feature was to have the banks interact the same way as OSRS, we listened and took it one step further by allowing you to toggle this feature on/off.

From the bank inventory you can toggle merge mode, which will attempt to put the item into a tab that already contains it.

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Other Changes Since Last Update

  • Added Blurite Smithables
  • Added Pastry Foods to Cooking
  • Added SlayerTask command
  • Fixed noted drops from mobs
  • Fixed non working teleports taking runes
  • Fixed unable to bury wolf bones
  • Fixed actions interrupting grave inventory
  • Cleaned up scoreboard variable list