Devblog #18 The Wilderness, PVP & New Mobs

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Welcome to another blog update, thanks for your patience as we work hard on updates for everyone. We know you will all enjoy!

First, but not least

I would like to specially thank our team of builders and modelers, who continue to grow and learn.

Coblekay - For her patience in teaching the new builders.

Parzzzzz, Sjeffery, Pyro & Emory - Building the wilderness in an amazing amount of time!

iChrisToffee, KingChris, NoobForLunch - Creating the amazing models making mobs this update possible.

And the rest of the team, all giving their best to the server, so please thank them when you get the chance <3

The Wilderness

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Big change this update is the release of the wilderness PVP region. Along with a number of new mobs, introducing new drops and locations to explore. It will change the way the game is played and your interactions with others.

Green dragons have been moved to their true home in the western wilderness level 13, north of the goblin village.

Dying or logging out in the wilderness in PVP combat will result in all your items being dropped! Happy pking, and keep your eyes out for other pkers!

The wilderness also contains the chaos altar for all you runecrafters out there, but be careful someone else may be looking to take those runes from you.

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New Mobs

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Bears - Located near the trees west of Dark Warriors Fortress in the wilderness.
Mammoths - Inhabit the wilderness, inbewteen the chaos altar and the chaos temple.
Elder Chaos Druids - Residing in the chaos temple, caution these are some tough druids.
Deadly Red Spiders - These can be found deep in Varrock Sewers.

Along with the mobs has come an overhaul to the combat system to accommodate PVP interactions, so you won't be attacked by a green dragon whilst fighting another player deep in the wilderness.

Rimmington overhaul

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Rimmington has received an overhaul to be less dated, and the house portal added. But unfortunately this is not a leak of construction!

Store Discount

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To celebrate the release of the wilderness we have put a 20% discount on the store! Keep and eye on the store as new cosmetics are going will be released soon for all you collectors!

Minor Changes

  • Krystilia now gives the option to choose PVP (Wilderness) and PVE (All other regions) tasks
  • US3 proxy removed to reduce server costs
  • Auto-retaliate added in the combat style gui
  • Rewrite of the drop system (seen as OTHER in /mobs)
  • Fixed duel arena teleports
  • Added 12 npc skins
  • Added more badges