Devblog #17 Small Updates, A New World and Loads of Players!

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Man has this week been crazy! The server has exploded in popularity maintaining almost 20+ players constantly! I'm sure everyone has had a great time meeting each other and discovering the world of MineScape! I hope you guys have had a great week so far, now let's get into these updates!


This big popularity explosion is due to FlippingOldschool's video that covers MineScape! We would like to personally thank him because MineScape feels so much better and alive with all the new people trading and competing for resources. If you wanna support him you can watch the video he made here!

World 2

Another world server has been added being world 2! This allows the server load to be distributed between the servers, allowing materials to be gathered easier due to less competition.

Future Content

We have heaps of content planned out on the community Trello! If you have any suggestions you can add it here or if you want to help with the development you can check out the community help section by this link!

Proxy Joins

With all the new players instability was to be expected however with these new ways to connect you can mitigate some of the lag you would normally get.

  • (Located in Frankfurt, Germany)
  • (Located in Australia)
  • (Located in America, Texas)

Server Crashes

While the past few days have been fun as a new player they haven't been fun for the servers! With the servers being so overloaded by everyone, crashing was to be expected and I would like to apologize for the crashing and any rollbacks that have happened. The servers at one point were even being hit with a DDOS attack on them which further caused lag. Luckily we are running a lot more smoothly and playing should be a lot better!

Friend Notifications

You will now be notified when someone on your friend's list gets a level up! Making it easier to share your accomplishments with everyone else!

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Minor Changes

  • Added '/scoreboard update' For if scoreboard breaks on join
  • Added '/ping' and scoreboard variable
  • Added Rune and Feather Packs
  • Added Right click needle for crafting menu
  • Added NPC in Falador Mine that sells Crossbows
  • Fixed Being Able to walk on water and get stuck
  • Fixed Bank keeps slots when 0
  • Fixed Stats for bolts