Devblog #16 Duel Arena, Item Sets & Other Additions!

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Welcome back to another devblog! I hope everyone has had an amazing week so far. It has been so long since the last update however now that it's here I am excited to talk about all the incredible things that have been added/changed!

Duel Arena

After some long nights of coding, Dablakbandit has gotten the duel arena into a playable state! Once you head to the duel arena you will be able to duel/stake other players by shift right-clicking them and selecting the duel option.

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Item Sets

At the grand exchange, you can now compress a full armour set into one tiny package (item sets). This makes it easier to buy and sell full sets without using all of your GE slots!

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Item Amounts

When selecting an item in the hotbar it will now display the quantity of the item you have! With this change, you won't have to look in your inventory to determine the number of items you have.

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Crafting Skill Packs

Hopefully, everyone has been saving their skill packs! You will now be able to get some crafting supplies from them now. From balls of wool to gold and silver these skill packs will help you train crafting easier!

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Ladder Changes

With more and more ladders being added to the world of MineScape a simple change to them has been added! You will now be able to right-click to climb up/down all ladders that exist, making the game even closer to RuneScape

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TUiZ's 99 mining!

We would like to personally congratulate TUiZ on achieving 99 mining! With the grind off MineScape it has taken him hours of endless clicking, however he has done well! He has purchased his 99 mining cape, and it is on display at the GE for everyone to enjoy.

Notable Changes

  • Changed food to eat instantly but delay other actions
  • Changed teleports to take 3 seconds
  • Fixed thieving stun movement
  • Fixed shift-clicking items
  • Fixed item texture changing in inventory after relog
  • Fixed XP for steel longswords
  • Added ability to burn food on a range
  • Added smithing bolts
  • Added burnt tuna item
  • Other minor fixes
  • Removed Herobrine